Similar LED Product

Hello! I was wondering if there was an LED that is very similar to LB T64G-V1CA-59-0-20-R33-Z, which is not manufactured anymore. I am looking for something of the same size and connections as well as blue colored. Thanks.


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to DigiKey.

In regards to a cross for LB T64G-V1CA-59-0-20-R33-Z OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc. | Optoelectronics | DigiKey I was able to find an alternate that is close in specs to the original part number QBLP670D-IB QT Brightek (QTB) | Optoelectronics | DigiKey.

Please note that the alternate parts millicandela rating is 900mcd vs the original part #'s rating of 1630mcd.

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Thanks for getting back to me! Do you know if there is something similar but with a higher millicandela rating?


The next option would only have flat top. It would be 1000 MCD. Still not as bright, and will look different with part number 150141BS73140. The link is: . I did not find anything closer to the original with the domed lens.