Hi I need to cross reference a part#

Your customer service told me that the OPTO DIODE part# OD-669-850 was not in your system. It is a 9 chip IR LED Gold Plated. Can you please tell me the DIGIKEY p#


The requested part number is not currently among our product listings, and as such has no DK part number. Because we do carry the manufacturer however it would be possible to order as a non-catalog item, to which lead times and minimum order quantities generally apply.

Note that the longer-wave OD-669 variant of the requested item that is currently in stock, and may possibly be a workable alternative.

What are the differences?

The product characteristics for each are listed in the respective datasheets. That for the '669 is accessible via the above-linked product page, and the -850 variant thereof can be found on the manufacturer’s site, here.