I need help finding the right IC rgb LED

I am trying to use neopixel’s SK6805 ec15 1515 but the “4492” part number reference is only for loose packaging, and my pcb assembly service needs it on a reel. Should I rework my entire board for the larger 2427 chip or is there a way to purchase the EC15 that will satisfy my assembly service?

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key’s TechForum. You are correct, Adafruit part number 4492, Digi-Key part number 1528-4492-ND is a bulk part. Unfortunately we do not offer an alternative in tape and reel or cut strip format.
Adafruit part number 3484, Digi-Key part number 1528-2291-ND will come in a strip of 10 pieces.

Hi @capokid,

There are a few other options that are not as large as the 2427 size which you might consider.

The first three are 1.8 x 1.8 mm in size and have overlapping communication protocol specs with the SK6805-EC15 LED “4492” module – meaning if you keep to the nominal timing values of the “4492”, they appear to be compatible. Note that none of them are specified to be as bright as the “4492”.

If you want to consider any of these, I would recommend you take a look at their respective datasheets and take note of the timing specifications to make sure your code meets those specifications.

The following LED module is slightly larger again, at 2 x 2 mm, and uses a different protocol. I thought I would mention it as well, because its brightness is closer to that of the “4492” and, because of its particular protocol which includes a separate clock line, which is somewhat more forgiving with respect to timing constraints.