‎QBLP677R-RGB‎ alternative


‎QBLP677R-RGB‎ seems to be back order.
Do you know any alternative?

Surface Mount, Bottom Entry, Same Size and footprint.


Hello pesantsi.

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I’m sorry to report we do not have an equivalent to offer for QBLP677R-RGB.

Unfortunately, we do not have another surface mount, bottom entry type in that

package size with comparable specifications.

Thank you Jenny for your quick answer,

Do you know when QBLP677R-RGB will be available to order?


Hello. You can place the part on order anytime, it will say “backordered”. The ship date estimate is about six weeks, 3/30/21.

Thank you very much.
As always, great customer service. :+1:

Hi Jenny,

The ship estimate was 3/30/21.
Do you have another estimate for QBLP677R-RGB QT Brightek (QTB) | Optoelectronics | DigiKey?

We are quite excited to get our hands on this component to continue our project.
Thank you very much.

Hi These are in our warehouse now, you can order at any time. We have
74,265 In Stock. See link for info below.