Bulgin SA3150 Insertion Tool (on Buccaneer 6000 series?)

We are using the following products from Bulgin:


We are having issues with the crimp sockets/crimp pins coming loose from the connector. This is due to insufficient insertion of the pins/sockets which is very difficult due to the small wire gauge. Is there an official tool we should be using to insert correctly?

I have noticed the following insertion tool, which looks correct but not sure if it would work: SA3150 Insertion Tool.

Hello Douglas!

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Looks like SA3150 is not the recommended insertion tool, but I was able to locate the correct ones for your contacts. Please see the links below:

Tool for SA3542/P: 708-1574-ND

Tool for SA3623/P: 708-1570-ND

Hi Nate,

I have one of those here - used for extraction. I notice it says “insertion” too, however this doesn’t work with a cable actually crimped into the pin.

If you notice on SA3150, it is virtually the same but cut in half down the middle, allowing the tool to fit around a cable.

Appears there’s no equivalent for the sockets/pins i’m currently using.

Thanks though! Appreciate your time on this.