Bus Jumper

In the Digikey Scheme it drawing application how can I draw a jumper on a bus. I can not seem to get more than one wire to connect to a contact point on the bus.

Hi Doug:

Scheme-it guru asks you: Can the customer hit the ‘share’ button and send the URL so we can see what he is trying to do?

I shared the drawing.

Can you send us the link that shows up in the share window?


Thank you, I can see your project now. Which wire/net are you trying to connect to which contact point?

Okay on the bottom left of the page the bus “C2 Bus 2x8” there are two contacts that are joined together.
I was looking for a way to show a jumper between 2 and 4 without having to delete and reattach wires.

OK, try hitting F5 to refresh your schematic. Is this what you were hoping for?


I see the little dot on number 6. But how do I then use it as a contact point?

Click off the net somewhere. hover over where you would like to start the connect point. Click and hold, move to where you would like to have the second connection and release. Does that work? Did I explain that well enough?

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GOT IT. Most Excellent. Thanks. Let your boss know that I gave you permission to have the rest of the day off with pay. Merry Christmas.

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Sorry, just realized I cannot backward save (good safety feature), I re-saved it via this URL for my copy…https://www.digikey.com/schemeit/project/x-stair-lift-car-wiring-Q4I5V4O401L0/

That junction dot can be removed by redrawing that portion of the net, like so…image

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Fantastic. Happy it worked out for you. Scheme-it has a bit of a learning curve, but once you understand how it plays, it can be a great way to share ideas.

Merry Christmas to you too!