Multiple connections


I need to connect several switches and relays to a battery. From the battery I cannot form a line to a switch, it has to be done from the switch. After that I need to add more connections to this line but it does not seem to let me, I can draw new lines to the battery, but not connect it to the first line…
I probably am overlooking something, but it has got me bugged

Thanks for any replies



Hello @jNIjst

What are you connecting to? If you start at that then you should be able to connect back to the same line.

Here I have connected a switch to L1 then I connected to L3 to the line to L1 and then I connected L2 to the line coming from L3 to the line for L1. You just have to start at the component.



Yes I managed to connect this way also, but did you try a battery ? From a switch to the battery, then the sharp corners change to rounded ones and no new ‘connection’ can be made…


I must still be missing something. I added a power source and closed the cycle and can still add.

I added a bunch here though the schematic i made does not make sense.

If you want to Share your schematic maybe we can look and see if something else is happening.


Robert, I think I maybe used the wrong ‘battery’; I used the old battery from System Level components…
I’ll try your type ‘voltage source’ from which catalog ??


I found the voltage source and am now connecting the way you do,