Moving a connection point on a wire

I have completed my circuit but then wanted to move a connection point to even out the spaces and I find that i am unable to move the point of connection. When I click on the point and attempt to drag it the another point along the power rail, it highlights all the similar links attached to that power rail, creates a light green dotted line of the impending shape of the new wire but with no intention of moving the fastened point? I usually have to delete the point or connection which also deletes every other similar highlighted connection?? It must be the programmers mindset to do it this way which is very annoying when you just want to shift a connection point to another point further along. I am amazed there aren’t more complaints with this issue unless I have missed something fundamental. I imagine it works ok unless the circuit starts to become more complicated. Anyway any assistance with this issue will be deeply appreciated.

@Budgeroo, if you click the wire you want to move again (or CTRL + click) you should be able to manipulate the single wire rather than the entire net.

This information can also be found under the Help menu in the upper right > Help Page > Nets

Thanks Cody great job.