Port Renumbering Bug

Seems to be a weird bug with output ports.

Try this:

  1. Place a resistor in a new diagram.
  2. Place an output port on the drawing and wire it to a terminal of the resistor
  3. Change the “value” field of the output port to “p1”
  4. Using copy/paste, copy the output port p1 and paste a copy on the schematic.
  5. change to value of the newly pasted port to “p2”
  6. You will see that the first/original “p1” has now also been changed to “p2”.

This doesn’t occur if “p1” isn’t originally wired, and using unique “names” for the ports doesn’t seem to make a difference.

At any rate, this was pretty maddening trying to copy/past several ports and having their values get constantly blown away.

Since you will certainly ask, here’s a project link:


simply change the “value” of the unconnected port and you should see the value of the connected port also change.

@antennahead - I believe his has to do with the net tied to the original port pin. I did find that deleting one of the ports breaks the link and allows editing of individual and future port names.

OK, do you see how this seems buggy? Copy/Paste is pretty common. Is this something you think you all could fix?



I do see that this could be inconvenient when copy/pasting and editing port names. The Scheme-it team is aware and will look into a fix.
Thank you for the feedback