Sometimes cant drag wires/connections


Im not sure if this is by design or some type of bug? I have tried Chrome and Edge browsers with similar behaviour. Here is a quick video to show the issue I face:!AiYbYlZQuRHPn1kY1D9hjGkWqXOE


I’m sorry, I am not able to open your link.
Are you able to send more details regarding your Scheme-It issues?


Since Im a new user I cant upload attachments. I will try to embed but I dont know if this forum will allow it:


Nope, that doesnt work either. So can you access youtube videos or any other sharing site? It is only like a minute video…


yes, we can access youtube videos.


Try this:


to go from one resistor to the wiper on the pot, you need to click on the resistor lead, then pull the link straight to the right below the wiper, click and then proceed to the wiper.


Ok, thanks, that’s what I was missing - the multiple clicks to create corners. The software I previously used you have to click and drag the connector to its final destination in one movement, then manipulate is route afterwards. So I think that bad habit had stuck with me. Thanks for the fast reply, I think that’s all I need for now.