CA-DKCA1-152L0-AJI0 vs. CA-DKCA1-152L0-AJI5 Difference?

Adam Tech cable assemblies CA-DKCA1-152L0-AJI0 and CA-DKCA1-152L0-AJI5 appear to be identical when you do a comparison of the two part numbers on Digi-key’s website.

The difference is described below by the manufacturer as:
CA-DKCA1-152L0-AJI0 has the standard profile I-Pex connector while
CA-DKCA1-152L0-AJI5 has the low profile I-Pex 4 (IV) connector

Internally, both Ipex connectors are built the same, apart from the height and are identical in fit and function.