Calculation of wire length for rewinding the braking system

Please assist in calculating the length of bare copper wire. Device: SEW EurodriveBM(G)61 braking system. I have the resistance and diameter of the enameled copper wire in coils, but i don’t know how to wind the coil.
I need information about the winding arrangement, connection scheme, and number of turns (provided coil data) of the electromagnetic brake coil.

I’m on Sew Eurodrives website looking at their material for Brake BM(G) Service and Maintenance. I’m not seeing any information there on calculating length and number of turns for their braking system.

Did they provide you any other information for formulas for this, it seems like there is insufficient information for us to be able to determine length of wire.

If it helps, you can Click here for Sew Eurodrive Engineering Support