Wurth Elektronik X'former p/n:750313739

I’m trying to learn more about this transformer p/n: 750313739 so I can debug a problem. I am currently having EMI issue and would like to know how it was constructed. Is the number of turns per winding available?

for this transformer with p/n: 750313739 (DK# 1297-1215-ND) I could only find the number of turns as ratio:
16.5 : 1 : 3.5
the number of turns per winding is not online available.

How do you want to deduct your EMI issue with this number ?

I tried asking Wurth for the info, but got an answer that it’s “confidential.” But if you’re having an EMI problem, you’ve probably got a sample or two sitting around; an exacto knife and a few minutes of undisturbed time should allow you to count the windings yourself if you so desire.

If you’d care to discuss the symptoms of your larger problem, I may have some useful suggestions to offer.

I am being tempted to do your suggestion and try adding a copper shield between winding to see if it would help improve EMI. And a few more things to consider like wire gauges if it will fit back the core.

Shield windings (a winding between primary and secondary with one end connected to a “quiet” primary side node and the other left unconnected) are a somewhat common technique. Simply wrapping a sheet of copper around the bobbin between primary and secondary will act as a shorted turn, and give less than desirable (though perhaps spectacular) results.

I’ll disclaim the title of “expert” but do have some experience in areas of EMI mitigation and magnetics design. The private message function can be used to send contact info or more detailed information that’s not suitable for a public forum.