Calibration certificate and Warranty activation for FlIR 407730, SDL800 and HD450 meters

Many customers want to know if Calibration certificates are supplied with FLIR Extech 407730, SDL800 and HD450 meters.

Manufacture calibration is performed at the time of production. If you need traceable calibration, please check the datasheet first, it may help with this. It may give you a separate part number to order for such certificates.

As these part numbers do not come with calibration certificate, check the -NIST variations at time of order. Digikey cannot retroactively provide NIST certificates unless it’s in the original packing it came in from the manufacturer and it was supposed to come with the product.

Part numbers with calibration certificate:

The product warranty automatically starts from the time the parts are shipped. Eligible FLIR products can have the standard warranty extended for one year, when they are registered within the eligible period after purchase

If you want, you can register the product here:—registering-your-flir-product