Calibration , Conformance , Compliance, ROHS certifications

Calibration - NIST

This will depends on what product you are needing it for . Some have them come with them, others you will need to ask for when ordering. Checking the datasheet first will help with this. It may give you a separate part number to order if you want the certificate . This may lead to a non catalog order and more in price. Non catalog orders have to be made through the technical department. If you do not see any information on the datasheet you can give tech support a call and make sure , which I recommend because a lot of the time you will need a different part number or need to ask for the certificate before ordering . Otherwise if you order and it was required to ask or a different part number it could cost you third party calibration testing or a fee from the manufacturer. Digikey does not calibrate or hold the certificates unless its in the original packing it came in from the manufacturer and it was supposed to come with the product.

Conformance - ( C.O.C) and Compliance

You will need to contact our sales dept for this document. It needs to be mentioned as your ordering or before . If this is something that you require for every part you order or some specific ones please have the sales team put that under your Digikey customer number or account . So that way it is flagged and it just becomes automatic .


This certificate you can obtain several ways . The manufacturers website will sometimes have it listed on their site. Secondly , the links on our Digikey parts page will have it if we got it from the manufacturer so you don’t have to try and find it on their site. If you do not see any of the links at these two areas you can email