Can a DKRed design contain 2 drill files? Non-plated through holes (NPTH)

Can a DKRed design contain 2 drill files: one for plated through holes, and the other for non-plated through holes (NPTH) ?

Hi @larryg - I’m checking into this for you, I’ll let you know what I hear back hopefully soon.

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Thank you for your patience @larryg , I did get an answer back for you on your question about drill holes. With DKRed, all holes will be plated by default and at this time the program won’t offer non-plated through holes. Only one drill file will be accepted because of the capability.

The good news is that if you absolutely require non-plated through holes in your design, there are other sources in our PCB Builder where you can submit the two drill files for Non-plated and plated through holes.

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