Can anyone identify these push buttons

Found on PS4 Pro and PS5 power and eject PCBs.

Black plastic body with a gold button and a black dot in the center.

Not including the legs the body measures 2.4mm (W) x 2.8mm (L).

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Those appear to be surface mount tactile switches. I don’t see that any 2.8x2.4 size parts listed but there is one 2.8x2.3 in stock that might fit and work. You’ll have to check the full dimensions and electrical specs to make sure they match, but it looks like a good substitute to me.

The data sheet is available here:

Hello final_man,

I also did not find anything that matched your dimensions. If I go up to a 3.0mm X 2.6mm size, I get a lot of possible matches. click here for those options.
Please check the datasheets and try to verify the spacing for the leads, and also the height of the button, from the surface of the PCB.

Looking like it’s a 3mm x 2.6mm Panasonic button.Height is arournd 0.6-0.7mm.

I’m quite new to the whole PCB designing thing and have only designed afew really simple ones. I’ll be building the land pattern myself but the land pattern of the Panasonic buttons has me confused. I’m use to seeing the pad dimensions written as they should be say 3mm (W) x 4mm (H) and the gap between pads. The panasonic land pattern shows the distance between the inner and outer of two pads but it lists 2 values in the same line

Outer: 2-3.5
Inner: 2-2.4

What confuses me is the distance between the inner and outer of two pad measurements is that they both start with “2”.

Can someone please tell me how to read this.



It looks to me that they maybe trying to indicate that there are 2 places where that measurement is relevant.
An odd way to show that, but that is what it looks like they are showing.

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Assuming so do these measurements look right?

Just did this up in Diptrace PCB software.