Is there a compatible replacement for this button?

This button starts/pauses my clothes dryer after it is turned on and options are set. All other buttons/functions work. Months ago, it started needing a couple of presses, and only got worse. Now, it only works once in a while (after many, many presses). If I can’t find something compatible to fit the PCB, I have to purchase an entirely new dryer as the board is no longer available. Ugh!

No markings anywhere. Only 2 pins on the bottom, and activating it takes less than a .5mm press with a tactile bump/snap.


Would you have an image from a top angle?
Any idea as to the Voltage or Current rating it may have?
–I expect it to be low for both but any specific values can help.

I don’t currently, but I could get one. That said, it is square, so 7.9mm x 7.9mm (according to my calipers), and the pins are centered in the other axis. The button is just a plain, closed cylinder.

There is a fair amount of empty/free space around it on the PCB, so as long as I can center the button in the same location, it would likely fit.


We would then need the center to center measurement of the hole on the board.
Or the outside “edge” to outside “edge” and inside to inside “edge” measurements.
An example of what I have found so far.
B3WN-6002 Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div | Switches | DigiKey

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Oooh! That looks extremely close to what I have! Measuring the shelf-to-shelf distance from where the pins emerge gives me 4.3mm, so 5mm +/- .2 is very likely the center-to-center distance

Unless you know of another candidate, that visually matches even remotely as close. I think that one is worth trying. I don’t know how you found that in the collection, because I failed completely in my searching.

I will report back here if you just saved me from buying a new clothes dryer.


That did the trick! The dryer is functioning again. Less than a dollar (plus shipping), and I saved many hundreds over a new dryer (and a lot of headache and hair-pulling).

I wish I had suggestions that would have made it easier for me to find the switch on my own, but you saved my butt!