Reset button replacement | Aruba 2930F Switch

I’m looking for a replacement for the button highlighted on the right. There is a similar one on the left, and that still works (for reference). It seems like these are surface mounted. I can take more pictures if needed. These are from an Aruba 2930F switch, and they are used to reset the device.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Do you know what the outline dimensions are? We have several tactile switches that look similar, but we would need to know the dimensions. One can take a look at the similar options here and use the “outline” filter to narrow the results.

Would it be fair to say that it measures something between 3~4 mm where it has the button and around 3 mm on the other side?

The following switch looks similar, see if it will work for you.

PTS841 GK SMTR LFS C&K | Switches | DigiKey

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