Pushbutton Switch Caps

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for an exact match for the push button switch caps in the attached photos. Any ideas? Thanks for any help in advance!


Looks close to the F15 from C&K. Though I am not seeing a bottom of that button to verify.



Thanks for the quick response Robert! I found a pic of a C&K F series bottom. The hole seems to be centered as opposed to it being a bit on one side on the original. Maybe not an issue because there’s a fair amount of play in the switches that use these caps?

I have looked at multiple options. The closest we have is the part number Robert found. Usually the way to pick out a cap for a switch is to use the switch number. The accessories are generally listed on the data sheet. It is usually harder to just find a cap by the dimensions and picture. I did check again and did not see anything closer.