Need help finding switch cap

I am trying to locate a switch cap shown in the attached images. We have sourced this in the past through Chinese contacts which we no longer have. I’ve searched everywhere to no avail.

It fits over a KFT-8.5 pushbutton switch (data sheet attached).

I dont need the exact switch cap shown in the images, a simple cylindrical switch cap using a 2x3mm actuator, has a height of roughly 6 to 10mm and a diameter from 6.8 to 9.5mm would work in this application.

This is a critical item that we will be ordering regularly. Im in a panic at this point because production has halted here as we locate a source for this. Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Mark E.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key Electronics. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a cap for a switch with a rectangular actuator. I found quite a few that would fit with a square actuator, but nothing for rectangular. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The reference number for this inquiry is T4291315.


If you are still looking for a cap you may want to look at some caps from E-Switch.
While not all of these would work, looking at the drawings from their TL22xx datasheet it appears it may be close to the switches you are using.



Thank you for checking into this for me. Yes, I saw the E_Switch TL22/24xx series. The actuator size looks right but unfortunately the diameter and heights for the caps available for that series will not work in my application. Thank you though.

Hi Mark;
I would suggest having this made by a 3D printer. SLS nylon would work well for this part giving good detail.
They could scan the current piece and also refer to your switch dwg to duplicate this part. After the first parts you could have them make new batches whenever you need them.
Hope this helps,

Thank you for that. I haven’t considered 3d printing as I dont know much about it. I thought and it might not be appropriate at production level quantities. I will look into it. Thank you!