Slide Switch cap/bezel

I am having trouble matching a slide switch bezel/cap with a switch with the correct actuator to fit. Is there a way to find out the dimensions of the actuator that a cap is designed to fit? The data sheets don’t give a clue, at least not that I can decode. I tried Digikey # SW149-ND (CW Industry # G-02-072) with a G series switch, but it did not fit as the datasheet implied it would. I would like to try Digikey # CKN11556-ND (C&K # 121160200) but there is no link to any datasheet at all. I need a three position on-off-on or on-on-on slide switch, with a cap to fit.
Any help appreciated.

Hello Jerick and welcome to the forum,

Was there a specific switch you had in mind that you wanted a cap for? The CKN11556-ND would be for use with S-Series switches.