Button socket terminal

Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to help me with this.

I need to find the name of those crimp connector to make my own longer cables. Those socket always came pre-crimped with a useless 10cm of cable length and I always need to solder another piece of cable and the end result isn’t really professional.

It seems that the same connector is used for 16mm buttons and 22mm buttons (I don’t have any other ones so I can’t tell for smaller or bigger buttons)

measuring the flat pin on the button give me approximatively 2.90x7.91x0.48mm (see pictures)

the female crimp terminal is 3,61x2.40mm and 12,50mm tall

thanks for your help

The contact you are working with is a Female Terminal Quick Connect. Likely from the measurements given you are looking at a .110" tab version such as A100451CT-ND

You can verify with the measurments in the datasheet here.

Thanks you very much, I’ll give them a try but they seems to be different (slightly) I can’t add more than 3 pictures on my post for whatever reasons so here are some mores pictures

this is the kind of socket where the terminal fit in

Is there a brand name on that blue housing. Since these sockets go ina housing it will likely be housing specific. C&K for example use contact 530100000 in their switch connectors.

Absolutely no markings on the housing (I guess this is the downside of buying parts from random websites like Aliexpress).

I assumed there was standard since this socket pop up for every “16mm metal button” search I’ve made.

The terminal themselves are often universal being .110" or .187" in width and most will accept a universal quick connect, however when it comes to individual housing it would depend on the specific connector the manufacturer of the housing has designed to fit and clip into their specific housing.