4 pin female connector

I am looking for a female connector that will fit a socket that has the following specifications. Actually it is a male connector with female pins.
Size: 10X6X5mm.
Pins are 2mm apart (pitch 2mm)
Here are some photos of the socket I need the connector for:

Hello ov10fac.

Is there a locking mechanism on the connector? It’s a little hard to tell by the pics.

There does not appear to be. Thank you for responding so quickly

Take a look at A106350-ND. With the dimensions you’ve given and allowing a little room for tolerance, this may work for you. Of course, without being able to verify the part number of the connector you have this is a bit of a guess but to me it looks close. Someone else in the community may recognize it and prove me wrong though.

If you’re interested in this connector, the part number for the crimp-on sockets is A1950CT-ND.

Many thanks. I will order some of both. Can always use connectors.