Does Digi-Key Part No. 486-3-119-048-ND have female 0.250" quick connect receptacles for all wires?


Does Digi-Key Part No. 486-3-119-048-ND have female 0.250" quick connect receptacles to attach all wires: black, white, and green. I want to be able to connect all wires to the NEMA 5-15R connector using male 0.250" quick connect connectors.

Thank you.

That is a negative, that connector has what we call IDC or Insulation Displacement Connection.

Think of the terminal as a vampire bite into the wire insulator.

There is also Data Sheet (

That explains the IDC connection mostly. There seem to be quick connect female terminals on the inside though where seemingly one could push the male 0.250" quick connect terminal into.
Seems that option is only available on the along the pin axis type.

Looks like 486-3-119-049-ND is quick connect only and it looks like it would take male 0.250" tabs as you intend.

486-3-119-048-ND IDC and quick connect termination.
486-3-119-049-ND just quick connect termination.
486-3-135-117-ND just IDC termination.

Thank you for your replies. I find the manufacturer’s information unclear. The “Characteristics” section of the manufacturer’s webpage indicates the NR010 series of parts have “Live contact available as quick connect terminal for the IDC-Along orientation”. In the “Short Table of Variants NR010” section, part numbers 3-119-048 and 3-119-049 are listed as “along” parts. I concluded this meant that the 3-119-048 and 3-119-049 parts have quick connect terminals.

Unfortunately, it got more confusing when I viewed the CAD drawings for the 3-119-048 and 3-119-049 parts. The CAD drawings are available on the manufacturer’s website. The 3-119-048 part appears to have 3 female quick connect terminals, one for hot, common, and ground. Oddly, the 3-119-049 part appears to have one male quick connect for the hot terminal and female quick connects for the common and ground terminals. In addition, one of the images on the manufacturer’s website shows the single male quick connect terminal and the two female quick connect terminals. See the screenshot below.


Anyway, no need to spend any more time on this issue. I have identified a different part to use.

Thanks again for your assistance.