What is this ribbon connector called?

I used to know these as a ribbon cable connector or IDC (insulation displacement connector) but can’t find them in the Digikey parts list by those names.
What I want is two 4 conductor socket connectors and the matching 8 conductor pin connector, both inline for 0.05" pitch cable.


You are correct that there are not mnay options for the IDC connectors in the 4 position. I found part number WM19220-ND . Here is the link : https://www.digikey.com/short/pdm7jrpc
All I seem to find is this style.

This is a link to 8 position mate: https://www.digikey.com/short/v00rq0b5

I know this is not what you are looking for, but it is all I can find in the size and IDC needed.

Thanks Verna. I can find locally the male and female (pin and socket) connectors that I showed but in 10 position. They are made by Mode Electronics. It works but I have two 4 conductor cables to connect independently to the male connector so a 10 position socket connector would be hanging off each end of the 10 position male pin connector. Kind of ugly.

If you could do it with single row IDC like the MTA connectors from Te Connectivity on this link:

Thse are color coded for wire gauge. Maybe someting like this would work for you.

The family containing products of the sort initially referenced should be returned in the prime position for the search term “IDC connector,” and at this time there’s nearly a hundred 20-position/ 0.1" pitch connectors in stock which are similar to the one shown.

That connector style is not generally produced with fewer than 6 positions, nor intended to permit stacking; two (for example) 6-position plugs could not engage a 12-position receptacle. The closest analogy that does while also using IDC terminations would be a part such as the 5-103974-3. Most similar products to that use crimp terminations however.

Thank you that “pins” it down and gets me “headed” in the right direction!