Wire to board, IDC terminal blocks like used in RJ45 con

I have searched all over Digi-Key and can’t seem to find the wire to board terminal blocks like the ones used in RJ45 connectors, like the white terminal strips in Digi-Key part # 2229-NSB-5130-ND. Does Digi-Key sell similar terminal strips?

Hello Ccowley,
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Are these what you are looking for?

Sorry, no, those are standard wire to board terminal blocks. I’m looking for IDC wire to board terminal blocks or strips. Like the white ones shown on the part # I mentioned in my original post.

Further research shows me they are a “Krone” style IDC connector. Does Digi-Key carry anything like it?

The closest I could find is something like the TE CT Amp-In series: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?FV=-5|40715

Thank you! I think those could work.