Need Help identifying connector terminal

This female terminal plugs in to a control unit and has corroded, I need help identifying it so that I can order a replacement. Attached are pictures of the terminal and the unit where it plugs into. Terminal measures 14.5mm in length, 2mm in height, 1.5mm in width. Length of terminal head is 6.5mm, and wire gauge appears to be 24AWG. Thank you!

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Thank you for contacting DigiKey’s technical forum.

This connector looks like its set up with a mfgr to use as a proprietary item and special order for that specific install. I am still going over our inventory, but we have only a handful of different 64 pin connectors with no match.

If we had a part number and or mfgr marking to work with it may be possible if we distribute for them.

Hopefully next time we will have a good match for what you need.

Thank you


Manufacturer for the connector is Delphi, thanks!

Hi jossan.elias,

Looks like Delphi is now Aptiv. Unfortunately, we do not carry them.