Can I insert a resistor in the wire?

If I have a wire connecting symbols, can I insert a resistor in the middle of the wire? I know I can delete the wire and recreate it connecting to the resistor, but this deletes the net over most of my design. Clicking the wire twice doesn’t help either. I wonder if there is an easier way than recreating the whole design just to add one missing part. Thanks!

Hello, which design software are you using?

Scheme-It by DigiKey.

Hello safesphere, welcome to the Forum Community. I am not well-versed in Scheme-It, but I received this reply from a colleague: Last I checked, it is an alinement issue where the program will not apply that resistor to the wire. The work around was attaching the resistor to the same node as the wire and then re-routing the wire to it that way.

@safesphere - Can you confirm what you mean by “Clicking the wire twice doesn’t help either”?

Clicking the wire twice should isolate the selection to the single wire instead of the net. Once the wire is isolated you can delete the individual wire and add new wires to the resistor.

Another option is to click and drag the blue node at the end of the wire to change the connection point to the resistor, then add the new wire on the other side of the resistor.



Some other EDA tools are smart enough to support the addition of wires into a wire connection, but here need to do the work around.