Can I use SO2 gas Spec sensor head on an Ozone gas ANALG CUR MOD board?


I had bought a SO2 gas sensor head and a SO2 DIGITAL GAS SENSOR board. However, now I need to use this sensor head on an analog sensor board. I have an Ozone SENSOR ANALOG VOLTAGE MOD, I was wondering if I can use this SO2 sensor head on this analog board and record the voltage from the sensor. Thanks

It would appear that the SO2 sensor has a somewhat different interconnect form factor than that of the ozone sensor, and would therefore not conveniently plug into the amplifier board for the latter.

Further, per the operation overview document, the recommended bias levels for the two sensors are different; the ozone sensor board is presumably configured for the ozone sensor’s operational requirements, and thus would not be expected to work properly with the SO2 sensor.

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Thank you very much for the answer and your advices.