SprintIR sensors analogue output


We have bought 2 SprintIR sensors. While ordering the sensors, we did not include the option of analogue output due to which we only have UART as ouput. Is there a way to convert the current sensors into an analogue output. If not, can you please suggest what are the other methods to do so, because the DAQ system does not read UART output. Looking forward for your quick response on this.

Navneet Jaggu

Hello njaggu,

As I understand your question:

  • You have purchased a sensor such as:
  • The sensor does not feature an analog output option.

  • Your DAQ is limited to analog inputs.

  • You are powering the sensor from the recommended 3.3 VDC source.

Assuming your data acquisition system supports a serial interface, you could physically connect the sensor to the PC using a USB to serial cable such as these. This option would allow full control of the sensor with no loss in the digital to analog conversion process. The downside it the time commitment to program the PC.

Alternative options include programming a microcontroller to serves as an intermediary device. This would include a serial connection to the sensor. The microcontroller would then control a digital to analog converter – internal or external.

Yet another option is to purchase another sensor with the associated analog options.

I realize that none of these options are ideal but do hope that this post gives helps you move forward with your project.

Best Wishes,


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Hi APDahlen,

Thank you for your previous response. We would like to buy the sensors with the Voltage output - SPRINTIR-W-F-V-H-20. Do you have these sensors in stock. Request you to please confirm before I place the order.


We don’t have part SPRINTIR-W-F-V-H-20 listed in our system. We do have part SPRINTIR-WF-20 currently in stock if this sensor will work for your application.

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