SprintIR®-W Fast Response CO2 Sensors - Lead time

I am Navneet, working as a Tech Lead, CFD Engineer at Trane Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India. I had reached out through email.
We are looking for CO2 sensors for a test purpose. The requirement is such that 2 CO2 sensors are to be placed in the flow path. One before the test specimen/material and one after the material to get the concentrations of CO2. Our flow will have high temperatures of up to 100C. Would like your help in identifying the right sensor for our application. It should also have good response time of <10 sec with accuracy of 0.1%. Would like to understand if we can use SPRINTIR-WF-20. The temperature range for these sensors is 50C. But if sensor works such that some flow passes through this sensor, then a cooling jacket can be provided to reduce the temperatures from 100C to less than 50C. Please let me know if my understanding is correct. If not please suggest the right sensor for my application. Also, would you provide the right pump for the flow-through into the sensor.

Based on the below mentioned email, SPRINTIR-WF-20 is available and can be delivered immediately. If this sensor is the right one for our application, we can place the order immediately. Looking forward for your response.

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Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I would recommend using a sensor that has an operating temp within the range of what you are measuring. Seems that altering the temp by 50C of what you want to measure may skew your data and that temp would still by at the max operating temp for part SPRINTIR-WF-20 which can have a negative effect on life expectancy. Perhaps one of these sensors will suit your needs.

Thank you for providing the information. I am unable to see the details on the response time and accuracy levels. Can you please share the relevant details or product document for the same.

I see from the official website that the measuring range is 0 to 2000 ppm, which is about 0.02%. This is very less for our application. We need to measure upto 15%. Can you please check this and reconfirm.
Thank you

Hi Steve,

Waiting for your response to finalize the sensor. Please let me know.

I wasn’t able to find the measuring range is 0 to 2000 ppm. Do you have that link?

This link has the datasheets of the sensor. Please have a look and let me know.


Operational characterisitics in this manual shows - The range of operation for the EVK is for CO2 values from 0 to 2000 parts per million (ppm)

Thanks for the link. Yes you are correct. The range is listed at 0-2000ppm .

Thank you for the confirmation. Please let me know if you have any other suitable sensors that can fit in our criteria.

The request for 0.1% accuracy over a 0~15% concentration range exceeds the capabilities of most available sensors, the accuracy specifications for which generally include a term of 3~5% of indicated value, and which are quoted for a limited temperature range. Some question would also exist with regard to the uncertainty of the test gasses used for calibration.

Few CO2 sensors will perform optimally at temperatures approaching 100°C, though the SPRINTIR-WF-20 originally referenced may be useful if the flow-through design permits temperature control of the test gasses. Whether this would affect your results is a matter that you would need to assess for your particular set of circumstances.

Regarding pumps, this also would be something that you would need to consider in light of your specific application. I would suggest however, that there are small hobby-type pumps such as the 1528-4699-ND available that might be convenient and good enough for the purpose.

Thank you for your suggestions and information. we will proceed with the SprintIR sensors. Will reach out for obtaining a qoute.

Hi Rick,

We would like to place an order for SprintIR-WF-20 sensors. I am trying to generate a quote but I am getting it in USD. Can you please help to share the quotation for 2 sensors in INR.


Please contact quotes@digikey.com for quote inquiries. Thanks for choosing Digi-Key.

Further to your Quote 1581173 , We want to procure the parts as in the quote.

Please share your Company details and Bank account info for cross checking in our vendor database to release PO.


Hello @njaggu

If you are looking to prepay for an invoice there is information located here.


Hi Team,

We have received the sensors and we are trying to buy a suitable air pump for the device. From the datasheet, i see the following

Based on this, the max flow rate is approx 17LPM. Most of the air pumps I see deliver more than 20LPM. Would like to know if there could be an issue if the flow rate is more than 17LPM. Please provide your comments/ suggestions

I suspect that the pre-attached flow rate adapter version is meant to accommodate this issue by limiting the flow rate to the maximum value.

The data sheet is not crystal clear so I’d verify this directly with the manufacturers’ applications engineers if you can.


Thank you for the quick response