I want to ask whether we can log data and collect data from the CO2 sensing module T6615-5K? upon purchase will the shipment come with necessary accessories to log data ??


From the documents that I read, it does not appear that the sensor module includes any interface accessories. Also, there is a note on page 03 of the datasheet that shows the pin functions where a header would be installed AAS-920-474E-Telaire-Module-T6615-111720-web (1).pdf (229.7 KB)

Handling and processing data from that point would most likely be accomplished with a microcontroller circuit and eventual translation to a display. To understand the basic setup, you could review the T6615-EVAL Kit and the corresponding user manual: AAS-T63172-003-091614-web.pdf (741.0 KB) . This evaluation kit uses a sensor with a 0-2k range. You would need to construct a similar setup with a communication interface to a data logging and processing circuit if you only buy the sensor module.

Hi nickjoshi275,

As Bill points out, the T6615-5K does not provide any accessories – it is just the sensor board. If you do not need to detect more than 2000 ppm, then you can use the T6615-EVAL kit to connect to a PC via the provided UART to USB converter cable and the accompanying software.

Then, if you wanted to measure the higher 5000 ppm range of the T6615-5K sensor, you could use the provided cable and software from the T6615-EVAL kit to connect to that sensor. The only additional item you would need would be the connector, the B4B-EH-A(LF)(SN), to be soldered to the board.

Regardless, I would highly recommend you read the user manual, the AAS-T63172-003-091614-web.pdf, as it gives important information about calibration and specific commands to be used when communicating with the sensor.

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