Can modem board MTSMC-H5-IP be used internationally


I have a question regarding MTSMC-H5-IP. We have several of them in some of our cartridges and are wondering if these could be used oversees with international SIM cards? We have had luck switching out modem boards in our 4G products with the global version to make it international but I am not sure what the international version for this 3G modem board is. The spec sheet shows that the MTSMC-H5-IP is global so I am wondering if it would work oversees. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jorodriguez this module, uses: 2G/3G HSPA+ (AT&T/T-Mobile)

Depending on where this module is installed, you may have issues:


Hello Robert,

In the U.S., all of our customers have already been transferred to 4G for this issue of 2G and 3G being phased out, but the ones that we are concerned with right now are for some countries in Europe who can currently only work on 2G and 3G. Assuming that the country the module is installed in does still support 2G and 3G, would the MTSMC-H5-IP modem board work with an international SIM card?

As long as the country and cellular provider still support 2G/3G and allow ‘new’ devices on contract, this old Global 2G/3G module should work fine with the Carriers SIM card…