Cellular IoT Anywhere Multi IMSI MFF2 eSIM

Cellular IoT Anywhere Multi IMSI MFF2 eSIM

Does this product support the sending of Bulk SMS using E-Sim Cards?

And if not has anyone got a product they recommend which would be suitable?

Welcome Jake:
This is not my best subject so I will watch to see if someone more familiar jumps on this inquiry.

Hello @jaketurner877,
The eSIM product referenced in your post is from Velocity IoT. They offer global SIM and data plan IoT connectivity. Additional info on Velocity IoT and data plan pricing can be found at below links:

I am not familiar with the sending of bulk SMS but it is my understanding that hardware such as SMS gateways are used for the process. What type of cellular hardware are you needing SIMs for?

So at the moment I’m currently using physical sim cards in a GSM Modem connected to my computer and I send the SMS using SMSCaster

But physical Sim Cards are now beginning to get slowly phased out so it will only be E-Sim Cards

So I’m aware I’m a bit early on this product but I’m looking to get something like what I mentioned set up as soon as possible to capitalise on it

The type of product I’m looking for is preferably something similar to a GSM modem but has the capabilities of adding and removing E-Sims so I can send SMS using SMSCaster

One of the benefits of the embedded SIM (eSIM) is that it is soldered down and can handle more robust environments than a traditional SIM. The primary benefit of Velocity IoT is their global connectivity and ability to automatically switch between carriers as needed. Both their eSIM and removable SIM products offer this benefit.

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I’m not looking for an E-Sim to send SMS as I’m able to find them everywhere online

What I’m looking for is a product which I can connect to my PC and I would like the ability to add and remove the E-Sims with ease

Similar to a GSM Modem if your familiar with that

There must be a product like this out there but I’m possibly a bit early, as this will become a popular product when physical sims are fully phased out

The eSIM works the same as a physical SIM. The only difference is that it is soldered down on a board.

If you are looking for something that will allow you to change the characteristics of the SIM, i.e. the ICCID, as you need, I don’t know of a product available at the moment.