What Is an eSIM and How Can It Help You?

We’ve been receiving questions from customers on eSIM technology - this article will cover what eSIMs are and how they are becoming increasingly useful in consumer technology.

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What is an eSIM?

eSIM is short for “embedded SIM” card. These digital SIMs allow you to activate and switch carriers without having to switch physical SIM cards. It’s also one of the smallest current form factors for SIM cards, making it ideal for use in electronics that have small profiles.

Advantages of eSIMs

With eSIMs, changing carriers is done by software changes, not by physically changing sim cards. This makes changing carriers much less of a hassle - the software does everything.

Some cell phone carriers offer phones with multiple eSIMS, meaning you can have plans from multiple carriers, multiple phone numbers to switch between business and personal calls, and separate voice, text, and data plans for domestic and international travel.

With small form factor and great adaptability, expect to see eSIM cards increase in popularity in compact RF electronics products.

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