MTSMC-L4N1-U.R1A pin configuration

We are currently using the MTSMC-MNA1-R1 modem board for our 4g products but it is out of stock almost everywhere and cannot be found. We are in need of upgrading many of our products from 3G to 4G so we require more of these modem boards or a possible alternative to it. We purchased a MTSMC-MNA1-U.R1-SP-ND and a MTSMC-MNA1-U.R1-SP board to see if we could use it as an alternative but found that the pin configuration was different. The pin configuration of the MTSMC-L4N1-U.R1A modem board appears to be the same as the one that we currently use based on the picture but I’m not sure if the picture listed on the site is representative of the pin configuration on the actual board. Could you let me know if the pin configuration of the MTSMC-L4N1-U.R1A is the one on the picture attached? Or if you have any other possible alternatives for a 4G modem board with the same pin configuration as the MTSMC-MNA1-R1 it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello jorodriguez, welcome to the Techforum! I am currently reaching out to our product specialist to confirm the pin configuration for you on these two parts. I will let you know once I hear back.

Thank you I appreciate the help!

Hello, MTSMC-MNA1-R1 has a serial interface and MTSMC-MNA1-U.R1 has a USB interface which is the reason for different pin configuration, see SocketModem® Cell MTSMC-MNA1 Device Guide . I think the global version, MTSMC-MNG2.R1 , is compatible with MTSMC-MNA1-R1 but I am checking with our Product Manager to confirm. We currently have 92 in stock .

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Hello, We checked with Multi-Tech and the MNG2 is the global version used in EU and is pin for pin compatible with the MNA1.

Thank you! Would we have any issue using this with a U.S. SIM card?

In North America the MNG2 works with Verizon and AT&T 4G networks based on the specifications in Chapter 3 of the manual. What carrier are you using?

Perfect, we’re using AT&T so I think it should work. Thank you for the help! I really appreciate it.