Can MX25V1635FZUJ replace MX25V1635FZUS03?

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MX25V1635FZUS03 is not available. Can MX25V1635FZUJ replace MX25V1635FZUS03?

There is no mention anywhere what the S03 indicates in the datasheet, or anything I can find on Macronix website.

I’m seeing other datasheets for their memory that use an 03 suffix for hardware and I/O configuration options which would likely mean they’re not compatible.

I’m checking with our people for Macronix to see what the S03 suffix indicates, we’ll get back as soon as we have anything.

The manufacturer responded with the following information:

MX25V1635FZUS03 is Auto grade -40 to 85C, in 8-USON (2x3m) package.

MX25V1635FZUJ is Industrial grade -40 to 105C, in 8-USON (2x3mm) package.

Both devices are

  • Logically identical.
  • Command compatible.
  • Same package and pin compatible.

Which one to use depends on requirement on temperature grade. They may have minor variation in AC / DC