Can someone identify the male and female pins for this connector?

Looking for pins – both male and female – for the Waldom (Amp/Tyco) 743-1 Circular Plastic Connectors. Soldered pins are preferable but crimped will work too.


Welcome to the Digikey tech forum, I did a search on part 743-1 and it doesn’t come up in our system. Looks like the number is incomplete, please provide the complete part numbers for the two connectors so we know for certain the contacts needed, also, what size wire gauge will you be using ?

I believe this is the CPC Series 1 type connector. They use Multimate III+ contacts.

Here’s a link to the solder contacts that work with the CPC Series 1 circular connectors.

Thanks for your reply.

There doesn’t appear to be any other P/N on the package. I’d like to use 18-20 ga.

Great! Many thanks for your help & the link!!