Can TE PN RT424024 be washed?

Seal Type says “Sealed - Flux Protection”. Does this mean is can be water washed as well?

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Yes, according to the datasheet for RT424024, the part is , wash tight (not for Reflow version). So yes, it is water washable.

Hi Jenny,

Looking at the datasheet RTE24024 is Wash Tight.

RT424024 says Flux Proof. This part has a small hole on the top of it cover.

Does Flux Proof also mean water washable? ?



This statement on “flux proof” is from the manufacturer’s website:
RT II: flux proof relay Relay capable of being automatically soldered without allowing the migration of solder fluxes beyond the intended areas . These are the contacts, movable parts of the magnetic system and their immediate environment .

Understood. The bottom is sealed so flux can’t enter but there is a hole in the top. See attached the hole on the left is open to the inside.

Hello MMULG:

The hole on top of the relay is a vent. Here’s the information on venting sealed relays from TE’s website.