Omron Fully Sealed Relays are washable

Omron Fully Sealed Relays such as G5LE fully sealed relays are washable. Please check the guidelines given below before you wash these relays.

1) Before cleaning these soldered relays, please ensure that these relays are cool enough.

  • After soldering these relays to the board, please use a fan or other equipment to forcibly cool the PCB. This helps to prevent deterioration of relays and other components due to residual welding heat.
  • Fully sealed relay can be washed. However, do not put the completely sealed relay in a cold cleaning agent immediately after soldering, otherwise the seal may be damaged from thermal shock.


2) Selecting the cleaning method and solvent.


  1. Do not use Freon, TMC-based, thinner-based, or gasoline-based cleaning solvents.
  2. It may be difficult to clean the space between the relay and PCB using hydrogen-based or alcohol-based cleaning solvent. It is recommended that you use the standoff-type relays when planning to use hydrogen-based or alcohol-based cleaning solvents.