Cannot find Symbol and footprint for part number 277-1767-ND

Hi there
For KiCad Symbol library and footprint library I’m searching for Symbol and footprint (especial the footprint) for the Phoenix Wire to Board Terminal Block connector ‘TERM BLOCK 5POS 45DEG 5MM PCB’ and ‘TERM BLOCK 3POS 45DEG 5MM PCB’ (Digi-Key Part Number 277-1767-ND and 277-1765-ND.

Any suggestions on how to get hold of such items?

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Steen Vemmelund
El-Tek Trafikteknik I/S
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Thank you for the inquiry. Unfortunately we do not have these parts or anything really similar in our KiCad Library. There are several similar products listed in the Standard KiCad library, listed under the Terminal Block libraries.

Another option, is to find a similar item with EDA/CAD models linked and modify the footprint to match what you have. Here is one that I found:

I hope this helps.
Reid L