Cant Find this EEPROM

I am looking for AMIC A25L040B EEPROM but cannot find them anywhere.

The datasheet is here -

DIP8 would be ideal.

Does anyone know of a good replacement?

Thank you!

Hello Eddiie,

when looking for AMIC A25L040B, that is not an E²Prom, we can only offer you these replacements as 4Mbit Serial FLASH alternatives in DIP8:

as IC FLASH 8Mbit SPI 50MHz 8DIP from Microchip Technology
as IC FLASH 64Mbit SPI/QUAD 8DIP from Winbond Electronics.

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If you really want to use E²PROM technology, there’s another new option:
EEPROM with best-in-class ultralow-power performance
High-density 16-Mbit Page EEPROM for robust and flexible data logging.
Use this code: EEPROM-M95-FREESHIP for FREE SHIPPING from ST.
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