ATMLH846 Datasheet?

For some reason I can’t find any datasheets for a ATMLH846. It’s mentioned several places on google but I can’t find out what this part is or does.

I am looking into this to see what I can find.

Hi @TechMonkey this should be an Atmel i2c/spi eeprom… What makes it confusing, for users.

The ATMLH846 is not the part number, it’s the eeprom + date code…

8 = Y = year 2008
46 = WW = 46th week…

The actual model is “5EBL”… which can be fun to dig thru Atmel/Microchip datasheet’s to find the matching value…

Edit: oh fun, ‘5’ might be AT25 eeprom! :wink: still looking…

Edit 2: got it…

5EB = AT25256B =
L = L: 1.8V min

Microchip Docs:



Thanks for teaching me how to fish. Is this common to have date codes included?

I have another question, how did you know that it was an AT25? I guess how did you know which family of chip to look under ATMEL?

yes, also other vendors minimize their marking due to the tendency that the packages get smaller and smaller and the complete manufacturer’s part number would not fit on top, therefore Date and or lot codes are requested from automotive final customers to track back for quality issues and/or failure analysis.

I know they will put the type of part it is on the silica however I don’t have any tools to de-cap safely, nor the camera capability to zoom up on the silica. I may have run into this before.

I was not referring to the silicon itself but really the surface of the part if it’s getting below 2x3 mm in size and without using special de-cap capabilities, just a standard camera from your mobile phone would be good enough…

These tiny wafer level packages are also called Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) and the vendors’ inking machines adopt to the smallest used surface of the part itself as general use case over all package options.

Mostly from decoding these before. Every-time i see, ATMLHxyy i know it’s one of Atmel’s older generation eeprom’s… AT24 is i2c, AT25 is SPI, they have similar packages. Then it’s a matter of finding the datasheet with a matching part code… Sadly there’s no main database of all the codes that i’ve found yet.


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Thanks, I know anything coded is difficult due to what you mentioned.