Capacitor and Transformer Identification

I’m attempting to track down a couple of components, but haven’t had much luck.

Labelled as: F394J k 630MPP1
Schematic: 0.27J 440MPP

Labelled as: 2519F4 AS 0739
Schematic: 2519F

If anyone could help me find some suitable replacements, I’d be very grateful.

I am not able to locate the transformer Labelled as: 2519F4 AS 0739. Do you have any of the specifications so we can look further to see if we offer an alternative?
The capacitor is a metalized film type. Link for options , depending upon the lead spacing.

I only have the schematic to go off of. Here is the section that contains those components.

This is the full schematic. It’s listed on the second page.

For the capacitor, the link is taking me to capacitors with a 0.39uF capacitance. Based on the listing I should be looking for a 0.27uF capacitor, correct?
Something like this?

It would appear that there is a discrepancy between the schematic callout and what was found on the board, so far as the capacitor’s concerned; the 394J marking would indicate a 0.39uF/5% device, whereas the 0.27J callout would suggest a 0.27uF/5% part.

The transformer’s a tougher nut to crack; at board level it is very common for these to be made to order as custom items, rather than selected from a list of standard products. As such, the markings/marking systems are often proprietary, rather than anything useful for identifying potential replacements. Reverse-engineering such things is a possibility, but for a one-off application the time & effort involved would likely make it more feasible to simply replace the unit as a whole.

Beyond that, the level of burnination shown in the photo makes it very likely that there are issues beyond the obvious that would need to be rectified in order to make a successful repair.

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Regarding the capacitor, the marking on the component in hand most likely has a code for 0.39uF (394) and a J for a +/- 5% tolerance. It’s a marking code and/or partial pat number used by Panasonic (in the previous suggestions) and other manufacturers as well. The value given on the diagram could very well be for 0.27uF with the same J for tolerance. MPP is the composition, I would assume.

There could be valid reasons for the difference–a revision change, for example.

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I guess I’ll start with the capacitor. The scorching was adjacent to the transformer, so it wasn’t as exposed to the damage, like the capacitor.

The damage appears to be caused by a resistor that burnt out. This is a part of a video sync circuit, and it had an incorrect video signal sent to it, causing the latching circuit to cycle until that resistor burnt out. This is the only apparent damage, so I’m hoping it didn’t damage anything beyond what is on this board.

Thank you for the help!