Help id cap

Hi everyone,
I tried to order this cap but ended up getting the wrong size (ordered one was thicker). I dont think it would matter cause they are both 330uf. The markings on cap is 330, J0N or JON. Need help order correct one. These caps are used for the 5v , 3v and 1.1v rails. TIA

Hi bullseyesolutions,

The β€œ330” refers to capacitance value of 330uF, the β€œj” refers to 6.3V rating, and the β€œ0N” is a lot code. It’s likely one of these Panasonic tantalum polymer caps.

So, to narrow it down, which part did you order, and how thick is the part you need?

I ordered 6TPE330MI. The thickness i need is 2/32 or 1.59mm thick.

But i think the one i order is ok because i dont need the proper clearance and the rating is the same as one on the board.

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As long as you have adequate clearance with the taller part, I agree that it should be OK. In general, thicker parts within the same series will have more desirable specs.