Capacitor Check-Sheet

Capacitor Check-Sheet

Capacitance Value.
The amount of electric charge stored in the capacitor

Capacitor Voltage.
Maximum voltage the capacitor can handle without damage.

Type of Capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors will have a polarity. Positive and negative terminals.
Tantalum will be polarized ( positive and negative leads or pads if surface mount)
Ceramic, will not have polarity

Surface mount size One example below.

in inches, 0603 will be .06" x .03"
In metric it will be 1608. 1.6mm x 0.8mm

**Thru-hole ( leads that solder through holes on a board. Radial or Axial.

Radial will have leads coming out of same end of capacitor.

Axial leads will have leads coming out of opposite ends of the capacitor.

Operating temperature rating is given in low and high ratings. Example. -55°C ~ 125°C

Tolerance. This is the fluctuation of capacitance from the rated capacitance. Example below.

Example. 100uF at 10% the capacitance could vary from 90uF up to 110uF.

**Temperature Coefficient. This is the rating of capacitance change with temperature. Examples below.

(NP0, C0G, X7R, X5R, Z5U) Ceramic only