Capacitor for Woofer


My speaker uses a single capacitor in series. I changed the woofer and would like to match the tweeter frequency response with the woofer. The woofers response is 43Hz - 4000Hz. Should I go with a 5.6uf which would cut off the frequency at 3,500 or go with a 5uf which would cut off the frquency at 4,000 right where the woofer stops.Just wondering if I should overlap them a bit? Thanks for your help


The crossover point, where the filter’s frequency for the woofer meets the tweeter probably should not be changed, otherwise the filter caps should be changed for both speakers. If it’s a two way speaker that frequency would be set for the old woofer’s frequency range or complimenting frequency range of both speakers. Overlapping isn’t desired because when two different speakers are playing the same frequency you end up with phase cancellation or doubling, it’ll sound like a tin can at specific frequencies or way too loud.

The easiest thing to do would be replace with the same value.


I concur with Kristof. In short, he should go with the 5uF or slightly higher. A series capacitor is a high pass filter (HPF) which are usually used in line with tweeters. In lower grade systems a lot of times these aren’t precisely calculated and mainly used to only protect the tweeters from low frequencies, designed to only permit the lowest allowable frequency range or higher that the tweeter is rated for and aren’t necessarily for “matching” the crossover slopes unless you are getting into higher end equipment. Since it sounds like he is getting into slope customization, I agree with Kristof that overlapping isn’t desired and he should align the drivers slopes complimentary for the most part -a small overlap is alright between roll-offs. These are less than a dollar a piece, I would recommend getting a few and do some testing.