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I am looking for two of these capacitors or something equivalent so I can replace both. They are 2.8uf 30v BP. Is there anything like this? This is an old speaker


It looks like we do not have anything to offer in the 2.8uF.

Would it be possible to go up or down a size and replace them? I was told I could go up in voltage without any issues

Ah the good old days when bi-polar electrolytic capacitors were made available in a wide range of values for speaker cross-over networks. A speaker designer could specify a capacitor in 0.1uF increments to get the best crossover point for the custom coil they designed for their speaker.

In this century values are generally limited to normal increments, e.g. 2.2uf, 3.3uF, etc., and frankly given the +/- 10 to 20% tolerances of electrolytic caps 0.1uF increments was mostly overkill.

To replace the 2.8uF caps normally I’d use 3uF axial caps rated for 30V or greater. However with the global parts shortages we need to adjust for what can actually be bought. The closest I could come up with is to use two 1.5uF caps wired in parallel to give 3uF, also you’ll have to use a radial lead package. It won’t look as pretty, won’t preserve antique value, and won’t measure out exactly the same on bench measurements, but I’d bet it will sound just fine.

Here’s the 1.5uF caps:

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Thank you so much for your help. I am new to this and greatly appreciate the information. I knew there had to be a way to come up with something.

Much appreciated!