Capacitor Model # Request (Photo of Labels Attached)


I found similar capacitor options online from digikey but want to be sure I’m purchasing the right one. Can you please take a look at the photos attached and help me find out which model it is? Thank you!



Hello pantonio717,

I could not locate this exact capacitor in our system. Please take a look at below general purpose and audio capacitor specifications to see if one of these would work for you depending on the application:
Click here for 493-12405-ND | 493-10687-ND

Thanks so much. This helps.

Speaker crossover capacitor.

Need 4 of these.

Hello Phlpblss,

For an alternative to this capacitor I may offer you Part Number 1572-1510-ND. Description 6.8uF up to 63V AC 0.669" Dia x 1.339" L. Please review this part to see if it may work for you.